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Retrieving Data

Before the installation

An appointment will be booked for a technician to complete the onsite scope (see step 1 below). Once this appointment has been booked you will receive a text and/or call advising of the appointment time.

STEP 1: Agree

A technician will call Confirm where to install the new equipment inside And discuss the install from the road to your house

You will need to allow a minimum of one hour for this visit and are required to be at home.

A qualified technician will organise a time to go over how the fibre will be installed from the boundary to the house.

They will discuss and agree with you where the the following is to be installed:

  • External Termination Point (ETP)
  • Internal Termination Point (ITP)
  • Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
  • Modem. For optimal WiFi performance we recommend you put your modem in a central location in your house.

STEP 2: Build

Getting from the road to your house Installing the External Termination Point (ETP) to the house Reinstating the surface on a like for like basis

You are NOT required to be home for this part of the installation, although you are required to be contactable if any changes to the agreed plan need to be made. If you would like to be present, please advise the technician during the first visit.

An installation crew will visit the property and put in ducting from the boundary to the previously agreed External Termination Point.

There are a few ways to install fibre to your home:

  • An overhead installation (aerial) – if you already receive your services via an aerial cable, the fibre will be installed in the same way.
  • Shallow buried cable – potentially across a garden or a lawn
  • Surface mounted cable – the fibre cable can be mounted to a driveway, curb, footpath or structurally sound fence or retaining wall. Where greater protection is needed it can be mounted inside a pipe.
  • New buried pipe – drilled or trench.
  • Underground installation – the installers will dig up the previously installed fibre duct at the boundary and then either:
    1. Drill underground towards the house (minimal disruption).
    2. Dig a trench towards the house.
    3. If possible, use an existing duct.

At the time of the appointment the solution to deliver fibre to your home will be decided. It may be a mix of the above options depending on the requirements onsite.

STEP 3: Connect

The technician will install new equipment Test the fibre connection Optical network terminal connected to the new UFB network

You will need to allow a minimum of three to four hours for this visit and are required to be home.

The technician will install the internal equipment (ITP, ONT and Trustpower modem) and make sure you’re connected.

They will then test the services to ensure they are working. Should the service not work for any reason, you might be asked to call the Trustpower Service desk on 0800 87 87 87 to let us know.

Network supplied equipment:

This is the equipment supplied by the installer (e.g. Chorus)

Fibre installation process - network supplied equipment ETP Fibre installation process - network supplied equipment ITP Fibre installation process - network supplied equipment ONT

This is what will be installed on the outside of the house. It’s called an External Termination Point (ETP).

This is what will be installed inside the house. This is an Internal Termination Point (ITP). The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) is the central point of the fibre connection.

Trustpower supplied equipment:

This is your modem. It is connected to the ONT and provides your internet connection either wirelessly or via Ethernet cable.

Images are indicative only. The actual equipment installed may differ slightly from those shown.

Cancelling during Fibre install

Reinstatement Policy for Fibre

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