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What is Tilt Renewables?

  • Tilt Renewables will be an owner, operator and developer of a portfolio of wind farms across Australia and New Zealand
  • Tilt Renewables will have an approximately 11% market share of installed wind capacity in Australasia
  • Tilt Renewables’ assets will comprise 307 operating turbines across 7 wind farms, with a total installed capacity of 582MW
  • Tilt Renewables’ assets will include Australia’s second largest and New Zealand’s largest wind farms
  • Tilt Renewables will have a high level of contracted revenue, with counterparties including Origin Energy and New Trustpower
  • Tilt Renewables will have a development pipeline of 8 further wind farm projects, with the potential for more than 2,000MW of installed capacity. Tilt Renewables also intends to pursue solar development opportunities in Australia
  • The Tilt Renewables management team will have extensive wind farm development and operational expertise
  • Tilt Renewables is expected to employ approximately 35 full time equivalent employees


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What is new Trustpower?

  • New Trustpower, headquartered in Tauranga, will be New Zealand’s fifth largest electricity generator and fourth largest energy retailer by market share, with approximately 13% electricity retail market share
  • New Trustpower will retain Trustpower’s name and brand
  • New Trustpower will own 22 hydro power schemes throughout New Zealand and Australia with a total installed capacity of 516MW*
  • New Trustpower will operate a multi-product retail business, including electricity, gas and telecommunications services with approximately 280,000 electricity customer connections, 31,500 gas customer connections and 65,000 telecommunications customer connections
  • New Trustpower will have approximately 750 full time equivalent employees

*Note: Excludes King Country Energy generation assets.


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