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About Elgregoe

Elgregoe (Greg Britt) made the decision to combine magic and education while still in the midst of an illustrious career as a performing magician.

Years ago, Elgregoe was immersed in conversation with a friend. The friend was a school principal, and frustrated by the phenomenon of school-yard bullying. At a loss, he jokingly challenged Elgregoe to make bullying disappear with his magic.

That single comment sparked an idea, and Elgregoe has been working in schools, educating children with the fun of magic, ever since. After researching the issue of bullying in schools and talking to teachers and friends, he created a unique way to inspire and encourage children towards taking a positive attitude in school, and in life.

In 2009, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II appointed Elgregoe a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to education. Other recent awards include The Variety Artists Club of New Zealand Top Children's Entertainer Award, and The Grand Master of Magic award.

During his show, Elgregoe weaves his skills as a magician, ventriloquist and presenter with a message that teaches children key values for a great day at school. His shows have been endorsed by hundreds of schools and have been seen by over 900,000 students. Each year, Elgregoe takes his roadshow to an estimated 20% of New Zealand’s primary and intermediate students.

News of Elgregoe’s success in New Zealand schools has reached far and wide, leading to him lecturing on Edutainment (education through entertainment) in the USA and Australia, inspiring other performers to tackle bullying with their talents.

Elgregoe lives in Christchurch with his wife, and wonderful show assistant, Sue.

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