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Retrieving Data

Power, gas and telecommunication networks all carry inherent risks. Everyone should be alert to potential risk around waterways, on large structures and during events such as storms and floods. Without due attention and care, there will always be risk. 

We have a comprehensive Public Safety Management Plan. This aims to minimise risk of injury to the general public and risk of damage to property, that may result from our assets and operations. The plan complies with the NZS7901:2008 Safety Management System for Public Safety. It spans the asset lifecycle, including construction, maintenance and operation. 

Trustpower’s safety planning also involves full compliance with the following New Zealand Safety Regulations: 

In an emergency

In an emergency, call 111.

Reporting hazards in residential areas

For faults and general concerns, please call us on 0800 87 87 87. 

Please call us immediately on 0800 87 87 87 if you think your electricity or gas supply may be hazardous. 

If it’s safe, you can turn off your electricity supply at the main switch on your distribution board; or turn off gas by closing the valve at the meter. If we, or emergency services, have turned your connection off - don’t reconnect it yourself, contact us and we’ll do it. Please don’t interfere with pipes or wires that supply your power and only use qualified personnel for maintenance or repairs.

If you are involved in an incident at a Trustpower site

If any member of the public is involved in an incident at any Trustpower site, please call us on 0800 87 87 87.

Safety Around Our Dams And Stations

Most hydroelectric dams and stations are remotely controlled by operators stationed many kilometres away. Here is some advice on staying safe when near our dams and their associated waterways.


Before you dig or work near lines

Before you work or excavate close to Trustpower's overhead power lines, you must first gain our written permission. This is very important for safety and for compliance with the New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice.


Information for contractors

If you’re a Contractor working for Trustpower, here are links to the online forms you may need to complete. The forms are: System Connection form, Meter form, Metering Equipment Order form, CT Metering Inspection form and CT Meter form.