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Retrieving Data

By having online access to your account, you can make best use of your power and data, to help you make efficiencies and savings. You can tailor your account to suit your own preferences, such as choosing the due date for your payments.

Paying bills online is easy and there are full billing and payment details for your records. Of course, anytime you have a question about your account, just contact us.

Understanding your bill

Your bill shows all charges on your Trustpower plan for the billing period. Most importantly, it shows the total due and when it needs to be paid. If your plan includes power, gas, phone and internet, these can all be included in the one total due. Here’s a quick tour around your bill.


Reading your meter

At Trustpower, we aim to read your meter every second month in most city, town, or rural areas; or every three to six months in remote areas. For months we don't read your meter, we generate an estimated bill based on your power use from the same period the previous year. If you prefer, in those months, you can read your own meter.


Customer service agreement

This Customer Service Agreement contains the agreement between you and Trustpower. It describes our commitment to provide you with a safe and reliable energy supply. It commits us to a professional and efficient service delivered in a fair and caring way.


Difficulty paying

Just like any service, it’s important that you pay your Trustpower bills on time. If you’re having difficulty paying, the sooner you contact us, the more likely it is that we’ll be able to make a helpful arrangement. We work closely with local budget advisers.


When another provider approaches you

If you’re thinking about switching providers, for power, gas, phone or internet, it’s important to be clear on the services you’ll get and the money you’ll save. Under the New Zealand Fair Trading Act 1986 and Door-to-Door Sales Act 1967, you must be given clear, truthful information and you must not feel pressured. At Trustpower, we commit to these important laws. If another provider is suggesting you switch to them, make sure they also work in a responsible way.


Unhappy with our service

Getting it right matters. If you have a complaint about the service you’ve received from Trustpower, please contact us today. We value that you choose Trustpower and will try to quickly resolve any problem. We certainly don't want any customer complaints to go unresolved.