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Retrieving Data

Any company approaching you must:

  • Be able to do all that they say they can 
  • Give you facts that are true and not exaggerated 
  • Tell you everything, not leaving out anything to create a misleading impression 
  • Not use small print to hide information about their offer or your obligations 
  • Show price comparisons clearly, as like-with-like.

Any agreement to switch providers must:

  • Be in writing 
  • Be signed by both the company and you 
  • Include the company’s name and address 
  • Include details of your right to cancel the agreement, including a cancellation form. 

You have seven days to cancel the agreement, for any reason. You have one month to cancel the agreement, if the company hasn’t followed any of these requirements.

15 things to consider before you switch:

  1. Is the offer easy to understand? 
  2. Does the power price include line charges? 
  3. What is the daily fixed charge? 
  4. Is GST included in both of these charges? 
  5. How much is the prompt payment discount? 
  6. If there’s a price comparison, is it up-to-date? 
  7. Does the price offer apply to the times or volumes you need? 
  8. How long will the price offer last? 
  9. Are you locked into a time period? 
  10. How good will the company’s customer service be? 
  11. Where is the company’s call centre, if they have one? 
  12. Does the company employ its own meter readers, or will this key role be subcontracted to others? 
  13. Is the small print clear and in line with the offer? 
  14. Does the company play an active and responsible role in the community? 
  15. Are you clear on the benefits of switching?

We’re offering this information as a general introduction to your rights as a consumer. However, this information is not comprehensive and does not replace legal advice.

Please contact your lawyer or the New Zealand Commerce Commission before taking action because of the information we’ve given here.